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Office Container
Get an office container in size and design of your choice if you want to extend your working space within the area. For those who work on remote sites can also get these easy to assemble and dismantle container can be transported.
PUF Panels
Buy from us PUF sandwiched panels for walls and roofs of your commercial or industrial building. These panels can withstand extreme weather conditions. 
Prefabricated Building and Structure
Prefabricated building and structure are those that are fabricated in pieces in a factory and then assembled at the site. No foundation work is required for the installation of the prefab structures.
Pre Engineered Buildings
Pre engineered buildings are buildings the main elements of which are fabricated in our building and all those are assembled at the site. The buildings include sheds, multi storey buildings and more, in different designs and sizes. 

Guard Huts
Guard huts are small, enclosed cabins where in the building guards can comfortably sit and attend visitors. There are windows and door that keep the huts ventilated. 
Modular Clean Room
A modular clean room is designed for manufacturing units where a clean, pollution free spaces are required. The room is air-tight and free from dust, airborne microbes and contaminants.
Cold Room
Search and find the best cold room for your business from this range. Our professional team can also work with clients to understand the requirement and custom design the cold room to fir their personal preferences.